If you wish to use a ChoraLine Voice Part Rehearsal Recording (CD & MP3) to help learn your part we have set up a 10% discount. Just quote the code:  WARE

ChoraLine Rehearsal Recordings are learning tools, specifically created to help you memorise your vocal line and practise between rehearsals:

* Easy To Use 

* Be Pitch Perfect 

* Learn At Your Own Pace   

* Don’t Get Lost 

* Be Fully Prepared     


Visit www.choraline.com and type WARE in the discount code box on the ‘shopping basket’ page, and click the green arrows.

If you would rather order by phone, call 01285 644845 and say you sing with Ware Choral Society.

a narrator calls out when to sing

hear & sing your part perfectly

rehearse in time with the music

a narrator calls out bar numbers

sing with confidence