WCS Study Day: March 10th 2018

Thanks to the generosity of Middleton School in Ware we were able to hold our Annual Study Day in a warm and comfortable environment. The aim was to improve our vocal technique and our sight reading, as well as to enjoy making music together. It also provided the opportunity to chat and share experiences which isn’t always possible during our usual Wednesday rehearsals.

We were delighted that Debbie Miles Johnson of Choral Clinic, who has enjoyed an international career as a mezzo-soprano, was able to join us for the first part of the day. Encouraging us to improve our posture, teaching us how to breathe properly, and showing us how to enhance the quality of our sound through a series of exercises meant that we were ready to put our new found skills into practice by rehearsing a section of the Verdi Requiem we are singing on the 9th June this year. 

The rest of the day, well punctuated with coffee, tea and cakes was spent working on some new pieces: Bach - Lobet den Herrn and Schubert - Mass in A.

Our thanks to Julian Williamson and Barbara Manning our conductor and accompanist who made the day not only challenging, but very enjoyable too.

Come and hear the fruits of our labours at our next performance on June 9th of the Verdi Requiem.