Key Findings for the recent survey

91 responses, so excellent coverage of whole Choir

53% are Promoters (score 9 or 10 out of 10 on likelihood to recommend)

35% are Passive (score 7 or 8 out of 10)

13% are Detractors (score between 0 and 6 out of 10)

Net Promoter Score = +40  (scores above +30 are generally considered excellent indicator of loyalty)

Top spontaneous like = Friendly, welcoming atmosphere (69%)

Other main likes (circa 20%-30% mentions): music (enjoyable, beautiful to sing, challenging, interesting, new, to a high standard), and leadership (musicianship, expertise, experience, professionalism, patience, good humour and encouragement)

Top spontaneous improvements (approx 20% mentions)= wider range of music (e.g. non-religious, more modern); have 3 concerts a year and some members being less proprietorial about seats.

Armistice Concert  = only 50% actively like the idea. (However the venue would now be an issue as the Drill Hall isn’t available and as a later question revealed

68% would struggle to sell tickets for 3 concerts per year; only 53% happy to pay additional subscription to cover costs)

Number of concerts: 59% prefer 2 concerts a year; 35% would like 3 concerts a year (rising to 57% of basses liking 3 concerts a year). However if we’re not able to sell tickets the committee felt that the status quo of 2 per year should remain.

Those who would move the month for 2 concerts most likely to favour May and November. Those who would like 3 concerts most likely to favour March or May, then June, then December.

Christmas Concert: 21% who didn’t sing thought it wasn’t ‘Christmassy’ enough. 50% of the Choir would like some say in the Christmas concert repertoire. 43% would like to sing with a school choir at Christmas.

Between 20% and 30% would like other concert venues (Wodson/St Mary’s Church/Hanbury Manor/Ware Priory/Fletcher’s Lea/Presdales); a link to another choir for Verdi Req; and to know more about pieces and composers.  17% would like to sing fewer pieces in Latin but only 5% find that difficult.

Fundraising: 38% suggest socials – e.g. coffee mornings, supper evenings, wine evenings, entertainment evenings; and 30% suggest raffles. 16% do not think this is responsibility of Choir

Other comments: about 1 in 10 expect a commitment to sing whatever the pieces chosen and personal taste.


Explore the possibility of continuing singing further into July, maybe with a smaller informal concert

Ask Julian about how we might have more input into the choice of music for Christmas

Invite Julian to give further information about the composers and music we are singing

Pursue the idea of inviting a children’s choir to sing with us at Christmas.

Have some technical input to improve our singing – already begun at the Study Day.

Organise more fundraising events – Quiz evening, Barn dance, plant sale

Organise more regular raffles

Invite a newcomer on to the committee

My thanks again to Ann Grimsdale for organising the survey and for pulling the key findings together, though the additional comments in italics are my responsibility.

Pauline Preston